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Secure Hospital Medical Records Relocation Storage Protection

Secure Hospital Medical Records Relocation Storage Protection

Secure Hospital Medical Records Relocation Storage Protection

Secure Hospital Medical Relocation Services

Medical records service electronicMany of the country’s largest medical facilities, labs and hospitals entrust Admiral Movers and Admiral Records Management with secure relocation, storage and destruction solutions for medical records. Transition planning and relocation management for hospitals and medical records is a space we know well. In fact for 25 years Admiral has been the go to resource for securing and protecting sensitive information and medical assets. Our all in one focus utilizes the best practices in commercial relocation, records and information management.

Hybrid Relocation – Records Management Best Practices Protected Information Medical Health Records

Admiral Movers and Admiral Records Management lend specialized expertise from both elite commercial relocation and RIM compliance ensuring confidentiality and compliance. While a move offers the potential for an exponential increase in the possibility of a breach or data loss, it does not have to be. In fact Admiral uses this transition to offer pragmatic advice for improving policies and practices with regard to hospital medical records, data and medical health records. Efficient cost-effective solutions provided by Admiral increase productivity and minimize downtime.

Medical Records or Hospital Relocations  -  Admiral Provides Confidence And Peace of Mind

Medical records and information protection and relocation can be a daunting notion. Peace of mind is what your physicians, administrators, stakeholders, employees receive which means your organization can spend more time healing and caring for your patients.

Our Medical Records Customers Say It Best

“We were dreading our move to our new medical facility and surgical center. The planning, coordination and patience made the transition smooth and easy. Admiral’s ability to shred, store, scan our records coupled with a seamless relocation was so convenient. The certified decommissioning service for computers, hard drives, faxes, scanners and printers simplified yet another task.  I can not wait to recommend your service any company moving or searching for a secure records management vendor”

Surgical Center, Mark D. CEO

If you would like to discuss protecting medical records, medical or hospital move management or transition planning we are here to listen and to help. For solutions fill out the form to the right or call (877) 816-3454

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Montgomery Movers Admiral Movers 25 Years Providing Peace of Mind

Montgomery Movers Admiral Movers 25 Years Providing Peace of Mind

Montgomery Movers Admiral 25 Years Providing Peace of Mind

montgomery movers montgomery office moving companyMontgomery Movers Admiral Movers turns 25 through hard work and determination. We want to join with Admiral in celebrating with Admiral on a wonderful milestone. Growing from an idea and one truck Admiral is now the proven leader for moving and storage in Montgomery and central Alabama. Staying focused on improving the customer experience and reducing stress by focusing on quality is what drives Admiral. Never being satisfied with the status quo Admiral innovates to help customers save money and reduce hassle. Scott McNelley Owner says “from day one our goal was to turn each customer into a fan, a friend and a lifelong customer”. “While our competitors bought full-page ads in the yellow pages, and  other media we wanted word of mouth to be our main form of marketing.”

Montgomery Movers Admiral makes winning customer service awards a regular event

Join us in congratulating longevity, endurance, great employees and all those that have supported Admiral Movers.

    • Mayflower Transit agent
    • A+ rating with BBB
    • Locally owned and operated since 1989
    • Our Montgomery Movers average 20 years of experience

Admiral can be reached at 334-262-6666 or (877) 816-3454 or info@admiralmovers.com

Weil Family Moves

Weil Family Moves

Weil Family & Weil Brothers Cotton – Long Time Customers

Weil Family MovesIn our line of work we get to see many interesting projects and deal with some very interesting folks. Many that have achieved a lot in business, and in charity. The Weil Family moves have allowed us to develop lasting memories and relationships.

One move that stands out in my mind is when we were tasked with moving Weil Brothers Cotton into their new facility.  Founded in 1878, the Weil Company was managed at the time by the two descendants of the company’s founder, Robert Weil, II and Adolph Weil, Jr.  In 1991, they were moving from downtown Montgomery to a facility out in east Montgomery.

One thing of note was that the two brothers who were also partners sat across from each other at a lovely wood partner’s desk. The word was that each and every major decision had to have the approval from both in order to get the go ahead.  An interesting arrangement to say the least. You must understand that this was no ordinary company, this family had built the third largest cotton brokerage in the world, and spawned the Lehman Brothers financial empire.

Moves of any size can put people under tremendous stress, but all I saw were two regal gentlemen. They learned the names of the crew members, and called them by their name.  They were warm and engaging. It was truly refreshing.  It filled the crew members with pride and a sense of doing important work.

The entire load was filled with beautiful and delicate antiques and fragile artwork. Normal moving crews could not have pulled off a complicated move such as this, and without as much as a scratch. At the end of the project the two partners met each crew member with a heartfelt thank you and a sincere handshake.

Weil Artwork Shipped to Dartmouth and Boston

Later on in 1992, the Weil family asked us to transport pieces of their valuable Old Master prints collection to the Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College for display.  The collection of works they donated to the museum included pieces from some of the greatest European printmakers: Andrea Mantegna, Albrecht Dürer, Lucas van Leyden, Rembrandt van Rijn, Jacques Callot, Canaletto, Francisco Goya, William Blake, and Camille Pissarro.

We reached out to our network affiliates at Unigroup to determine the safest way to protect and transport the artwork.  After much research a solid plan was developed. We used acid-free Museum bags, or “sealed envelopes” if you will, to do the initial sealing of the artwork. Then we wrapped them in a combination of soft sided linen/paper wraps. These were specifically designed for museum portrait packing. Additionally, we wrapped each piece of artwork in another six-inch layer of Dolphin Wrap, a spongy durable foam.  Three layers of wrapping to protect against the environment and other potential damaging risks. This system was an early edition of floating cushion packing that we use regularly the AirGlide®

We then built a special crating system especially for this project.  Each piece was individually packed in a reinforced crate and security seals placed on the outside. Then each individual crate was completely sealed in a waterproof outer covering.

As a further precaution to ensure each piece arrived safely and were not separated, we took the air ride / climate controlled truck and built a reinforced bulk head master crate which would hold all of the individual crates inside of it.  Inside this crate we built a set of sliding shelves that allowed each crated to float in about 1 foot of heavy gauge bubble wrap.  The master crate was also tracked and monitored by another security seal. The individual crates and the reinforced master crate essentially both road on a cushion of air.  Angle iron secured the entire structure inside the air ride van.

The dedicated truck was then sent directly to Dartmouth for delivery.  We later delivered artwork for display at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts.  It remains one of the most unique projects we have ever done.

Over the years we have completed dozens projects for members of the Weil family.  Most recently we divided up the estate of Jean Kaufman Weil and shipped different pieces around the country.  Working with the family members and seeing them go through some of the pictures and memorabilia really was interesting. This is one of those relationships that makes being in business memorable and rewarding.

Laurie Weil Camp Smile a Mile a labor of love

We participate in the many philanthropic efforts with the family. Each year we assist them in bringing Camp Smile A Mile to fruition, by transporting luggage, bags and provisions to the camp.  We don’t do much in the grand scheme of all it takes to pull off such an endeavor as the camp as a whole, but it is a complete labor of love. And it allows us and our employees to help create some smiles.

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The entire Weil family has been dedicated not only to quality and devotion in business but also in their philanthropic endeavors, blessing our entire community with their efforts.  We are truly honored to have them as clients and look forward to continuing to serve them in the coming years.

We value all our customers and the wonderful relationships we build along the way.  We celebrate 25 years in business and are very thankful to our clients, employees, family and friends. If you need help with a relocation, storage or logistics issue please call or fill out the form to the right. We’re here to listen.

25 year relationship with McAlpine Tankersley Architecture

25 year relationship with McAlpine Tankersley Architecture

McAlpine Tankersley Architecture Bobby McAlpineMcAlpine Tankersley

As Admiral Movers marks 25 years in business, it causes me to be somewhat sentimental. Some of the best times were rewarding yet difficult. Growing, learning, building our reputation and now here we are as one of the largest in our area. I could not begin to pick out one particular project that is my favorite because there been so many and each one of them unique.

In March of 1989, George Azar and I set out to create the best local moving company in Montgomery. As we began to set up a corporation we received a phone call and booked our very first move. Because of the type of furniture and the talent of the customer, it turned out to be no ordinary move.

The work was being done for Bobby McAlpine in his own personal residence. Mr. McAlpine was remodeling his house and updating the furnishings. Our task was to pack up everything from the house, load the furniture, take it into storage for about two months, and then bring it all back and place it to the exact specifications of the customer.

Shortly thereafter the architecture firm that Bobby McAlpine had founded was moving their office into what has become my all-time favorite structure, The Sabel Mansion. That building on Perry Street is an incredible piece of architecture that continues to stand today as a marvel in my eyes.

 McAlpine, Booth and Ferrier Interior Design

McAlpine Tankersley Architecture has now grown to serve clients nationally and internationally, creating some of the most amazing residences and commercial buildings. Bobby McAlpine’s interior design practice, McAlpine Booth & Ferrier Interiors, has sculpted interiors along with McAlpine Furniture that creates handcrafted furniture to complement the incredible architecture that the firm designs. We have enjoyed many incredible projects from them as well as the architecture firm itself.

Many of the projects that we have done consisted of receiving pieces that are not of the average nature and require some unique measures to get them to where they need to be and get them installed. They offer some pretty unique logistical challenges and with our talented movers to make it happen is fun.
Whether it be a cabin at Lake Martin, a historic home in Old Cloverdale, Atlanta, Nashville, Rosemary Beach, Colorado, or New York you can always count on Admiral Movers to provide the highest level of service to you and your clients.

Needless to say the furniture pieces from McAlpine Home are one of a kind. At times they present some issues that we have to overcome – developing or building special protection so that they can transported safely during shipping.

We have moved 1100 pound granite slabs up three flights of stairs to make the right setting for a table.

We have created several joist and pulleys to lift things over balconies or back porches to get items of extra-large size into the right places.

Many times in the overseas trips that are taken, they find pieces and have them shipped to us. Then we have to make arrangements for special shipping and interesting crating for those items, such as an 18th-century bench of grist Mill Stone and massive statues.

Another unique requirement is because of the deadlines for photographing and/or presenting a party or showing the new project off to the clients. Speed and efficiency is typically an important ingredient.

One memorable piece as we went into the new A&P Lofts for the office of McAlpine Tankersley in Montgomery was a 19 feet tall 15 foot wide mirror gold leaf. Because of the size, it was required that the door, door facing, and door jamb come out and some of the bricks be removed. It would not fit into the elevator and the stairs were zigzag, so we used 12 men to pass it to one another.

It was probably about 800 to 900 pounds of very fragile gold leaf frame mirror. It had to be touched very delicately because of its size and composition. The way it was heading up the stairs we had to take the crating and all the padding off. The danger was that at any time the glass could have shattered. Our people had to work harmoniously together for the transportation to go smoothly.

One time we showed up in Nashville with about $2 million worth of very high-end furnishings only to find out that the front Archway up the hill blocked us from getting our truck up close to the building. So we created a rope and dolly cart system and frame to pull the big pieces up and down and unload the truck.

Bobby McAlpine about Admiral Movers

Bobby McAlpine says “Admiral Movers has moved me more times than I can remember. They are practically on speed dial as I continually assemble and strike the sets of my house and many clients’ houses. They are a trusted part of the stable of talent and strength it takes to do this work and live this life of design. For more than 25 years now we have transported and assembled beauty coast to coast, an adventure in arms that will see me through many more.”

To so many of our customers, but especially to Bobby McAlpine, Greg Tankersley, Mary Robin Jurkiewicz, John Sease, Chris Tippet, Ray Booth, Susan Ferrier, and Richard Norris – we appreciate the confidence you’ve had in us to handle your work. And just as importantly, that you have trusted us to take care of your biggest, best, and most valued customers. We have a tremendous group of clients that have been with us from almost the beginning. We view their continued patronage as the greatest award and recognition.

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Tips to Avoid Moving Company Scams

Tips to Avoid Moving Company Scams

Moving to a new home consistently ranks highly on lists of life’s most stressful events. Although it can be an exciting time, the logistics and disruption of a move sends many people into a panic. Hiring a moving company is supposed to ease some of the stress and lighten the load, but it can often make the process worse when you work with the wrong mover. In fact, hiring the wrong mover can turn a rather simple relocation into a fiasco very quickly.

A big part of the problem is the rise in moving company scams. Trying to cash in on your stress and inexperience, unscrupulous movers may use a variety of methods to take advantage of your trust. Let’s take a closer at a few of the warning signs of moving fraud so you can be sure to hire a reliable mover.

Always Get an Estimate

Never sign a contract with a moving company before you receive a written, in-home estimate. Many moving company scams start off with the promise of an affordable move that isn’t based on your specific needs and situation. A professional mover will always perform an on-site inspection to provide you with an accurate estimate. Over-the-phone estimates are unreliable and often lead to surprise charges when it comes time to deliver your belongings. Also, take the extra time to interview a few different movers to learn more about them and their moving practices. After all, you’re trusting them to handle your family’s most prized possessions.

Do You Know What You’re Signing?

Review the contract paperwork carefully and never sign an incomplete document. If there is a liability section in your contract, read it meticulously before hiring a moving company. According to the Protect Your Move organization, the liability amount should cover the entire cost of your goods if they are damaged, lost, or stolen.

Verify Their Credentials

moving company scamsNever sign a contract with a moving company that cannot show you a U.S. DOT number or its Motor Carrier number. You will also want to check the company’s reputation with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints.

Moving Fraud Red Flags

Most moving company scams work the same way. To avoid them, look for red flags associated with these fraudsters. Common red flags include companies that:

    • Require a large deposit or cash upfront before the date of the move.
    • Don’t give you a copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” The federal government requires all moving companies to provide customers with this brochure prior to a move.
    • Don’t have a local office listed on their website, won’t show insurance, or doesn’t have license information readily available.
    • State that all belongings will be covered by their insurance during the move.
    • Have offices or warehouses that are in poor condition or don’t exist at all.
    • Use rental trucks instead of company-owned fleets.

Stay Up-to-Date on Moving Company Scams

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s website, ProtectYourMove.gov, allows you to keep up-to-date on the latest moving scams, search for moving companies, review any complaints they might have, and learn about all of your rights as a customer. Performing a little due diligence can protect you from hiring a moving company that can turn your relocation into a nightmare.

Admiral Movers is a reputable moving company with over twenty years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers. From following industry best practices to looking out for your best interests every step of the way, you can count on Admiral for all of your moving needs. Visit Admiral Movers online to setup your free consultation or call 877.816.3454 to speak with one of our residential moving specialists.

How to Solve the Biggest Problems With Medical Records Storage

How to Solve the Biggest Problems With Medical Records Storage

Medical practices face an uphill battle when it comes to records storage. From complying with government regulations to staffing issues to simply running out of space, storing medical records in-house is a big challenge. Most practices quickly discover that offsite medical records storage may be the best solution to contain costs and secure files. In their efforts to ensure patient safety and reduce liabilities, we’ve found that medical practices struggle with the following records management problems.

Reduced Productivity

A large, disorganized file room causes staff to waste time searching for records, especially when they’ve been misfiled. Storing and digitally archiving records offsite improves productivity and eliminates the risk of filing errors. Let your medical records storage provider handle records retrieval to free up your staff for more important tasks.

State and Federal Regulations

medical records storageThe government is clear on what information can be shared and what data must be protected under HIPAA laws. When you store patient records in-house, you put each one of those files at risk for a data breach, theft, or loss. As the medical provider, you’re responsible for safely storing massive amounts of data, which means you could face liabilities if it were to be released to the wrong person. Rather than keep these records onsite, you should move them to a secure offsite storage facility and consider scanning them for easier archiving.

Wasted Space

Space is probably in short supply in your office, and maintaining a large file room may not be feasible. In fact, storing all of your patient records onsite could lead to having to relocate to a larger office. That would mean paying overhead costs on space that doesn’t earn revenue. When you outsource your medical records storage to an offsite location, you can utilize that space more efficiently, expand if necessary, and lower operating costs.

In-House Storage Risks

Virtually everyone who enters your practice is another liability to consider. Employees can accidentally leave files out or leave the file room unlocked for anyone to enter. This gives temporary workers, repair companies, and even vendors an opportunity to access, review, and take confidential patient records. You can eliminate all of these risks when medical records storage is managed offsite. You also don’t have to worry about untrained temporary staff mishandling files.

Destruction Issues

Patient files may be kept forever, but some business-related documents can be destroyed after records retention periods of seven and ten years. These older files need to be destroyed properly, and are often at higher risk for identity theft when they aren’t protected as well as more recent documents. A medical records storage solution can include setting a destruction schedule for all of your files. Your records management company can shred these files when they reach their destruction date and properly dispose of the materials to avoid any risk for identity theft in the future.

Admiral Records Management provides secure offsite records storage for small medical offices and large hospitals alike. From digital archiving to help you find patient files faster to relocating your entire office, we have the records management services your practice needs to run more efficiently. Admiral takes the guesswork out of understanding compliance requirements so you can focus on your patients.

Visit Admiral Records Management to learn more about our medical records storage solutions and to schedule your free consultation online. You can also call 877.816.5430 to speak with one of our records management experts.

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Hiring a Corporate Moving Company

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Hiring a Corporate Moving Company

Corporate Moving Companies

Corporate Moving Company

Whether you’re moving a one-room office or a large corporation, the right moving company makes all of the difference in the world. When you use a professional mover, you reduce liability risks. No more worrying about possible injury to your employees, accidental loss of records, damage to valuable equipment, or violating privacy regulations.

You have a lot of options when it comes to hiring a corporate moving company, but it’s important to know what sets a great mover apart from the rest. You will want to inquire about a broad range of topics before you sign contracts with movers, including their experience, licensing, operations, and hiring practices. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things you will want to keep in mind as you search for an office mover.

Corporate Moving Experience

A young moving company probably cannot provide the same level of service as one that has been in business for years or decades. Experience is important when selecting a mover. Seasoned movers have tackled a variety of situations and will be able to handle any problem that suddenly comes up on moving day. You only want to hire a professional mover with extensive experience moving offices—not just residences. Be sure to ask for a list of references from past customers to prove its track record.

Registrations and Licenses

corporate moving companyA corporate moving company should hold the proper licenses and be registered with the right parties. Your mover should be registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation, have a current business license, and also be bonded and insured. To further explore their history, check to see if the mover is registered with the Better Business Bureau and has positive feedback and reviews online.

Ideally, the moving company should be a member of the Commercial Relocation Network. The CRN is a membership organization composed of reputable office movers that have been recognized as the best of the best in their geographical area. Becoming a member of the CRN requires specific qualifications, so you can be assured that these movers are experts in their field.

Corporate Relocation Demands A Rigorous Employee Screening Process

You might trust the brand, but what about the actual people who show up to move your office? A corporate moving company is only as good as the people who represent it. You want a company that performs extensive background checks on its employees—especially criminal background checks. Their staff should be well-trained in office moves as well as privacy laws. Avoid moving companies that use temporary staff. By definition, these employees aren’t well-known by the moving company, and they can open the door to potentially costly liabilities.

Corporate Moving Expertise

Expertise matters when you move your business. After all, in addition to moving your expensive computer equipment and office furniture, you have to worry about the security of your records as well. A professional corporate moving company will use a secure chain-of-custody procedure to ensure that there is no possibility of a data breach. The most qualified office movers typically use office gondolas to move and safeguard your records. Downtime is another important consideration. Veteran movers work more quickly and efficiently to reduce the time your employees are left idle.

Additional Services

Additional services can help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your office move. Moving companies that offer document shredding, records storage, and decommissioning of outdated materials can simplify your move and save you money in the process. These hybrid movers simplify the relocation process by reducing vendor interaction and as a result reduce your liabilities.

Admiral Movers is an experienced, reputable office mover in the Southeast. If you’re looking for a corporate moving company, put your trust in one with over twenty years of service to the business community. Admiral Movers will work closely with you to make sure your office move goes as planned, stays on schedule, and remains within budget. Schedule a free consultation and get a quote when you visit Admiral Movers, or just call 877.816.3454 to speak with a corporate moving specialist.

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How Offsite Records Storage Improves Your Bottom Line

How Offsite Records Storage Improves Your Bottom Line

Offsite Records Storage Improves Bottom Line

Offsite  records storage, medicalAll businesses need to store records in one form or another. In fact, adhering to a records storage schedule is part of a regulatory obligation in some industries. But maintaining compliance can be a complicated and difficult task, especially for companies with little records management experience. Although many attempt to store records in-house to save money, compliance issues often end up costing more in the long run.

To keep current with changing regulations and avoid paying penalties for non-compliance, most companies benefit from an offsite records storage solution. They save money on internal resources, including staff and technology, and can actually improve their bottom line by working with a records management company.

Before you start raising your prices, cutting employees, or renegotiating contracts to contain costs, take a second look at your records storage strategy. You might be surprised at how much money your business can save with offsite records storage.

Disclosure and Non-Compliance Cost Reduction

Your business doesn’t have to be required by HIPAA, SOX, or other federal regulations to face disclosure and non-compliance issues. Losing data or failing to present documents can be detrimental to any business. If you lose a document that contains a client’s personal information, your company could be liable for legal fees, face civil lawsuit liabilities, and suffer from negative publicity. Records destroyed during a natural disaster can be equally devastating to your organization. Offsite records storage eliminates all of these concerns because your documents are safe from theft, loss, or destruction.

IT and Staff Savings

offsite records storageWhen you use an offsite records storage service, your IT department doesn’t have to spend its time watching over data, fixing retrieval systems, or developing an internal document storage solution. It can focus on more mission-critical issues instead. In addition to putting less of a strain on your IT department, using offsite records storage means you don’t have to rely on interns or other temporary staff who likely do not have records management training. Putting records storage in the hands of professionals virtually eliminates your risks and frees up resources for other activities.

Less Time Lost During Records Retrieval

Productivity is money, regardless of the industry in which you operate. When your employees waste time trying to find records, you’re wasting funds. Offsite records storage inventories your records and makes it easier to retrieve documents and locate information. Some services can provide online retrieval, digital scanning, and customized indexing so that your files are quick and easy to locate at all times.

In-House Storage Cost Savings

The biggest savings associated with offsite records storage is the amount of money you save on in-house storage costs. Records, especially paper records, take up a considerable amount of square footage. You can reduce a significant amount of your leased space just by moving records to an offsite location. In addition to decreasing the amount of wasted space, you will also get access to enhanced security and better protection for important data—something that can cost your company thousands to manage in-house.

The bottom line? Well, quite simply, offsite records storage improves it. If you can’t transfer all of your records offsite, moving archived files can still reduce costs and limit your liabilities. Admiral Records Management provides Montgomery area businesses with comprehensive offsite records storage services. From on site shredding to scan on-demand to active file management, you’ll instantly see the savings across the board. Consult a records management professional at Admiral today to see how storing records offsite can help your business save money this year. Call 877.816.5430 or fill out our contact form to get a free quote today.

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Commercial Relocation Network Offers Nationwide Network of Best Office Movers

Commercial Relocation Network Offers Nationwide Network of Best Office Movers

Network Commercial Specialists

Network Commercial Relocation Reach New HeightsThe Commercial Relocation Network (CRN) is a conglomerate of the top office relocation companies Nationwide. The pivotal word being on the “Network”. Operating under a banner of brotherhood, these companies share clients with one another and highly recommend their sister companies. Their strength is in their numbers. Rather than having one stellar moving company stand alone and do moderately well for itself, imagine if that company were to join hands with another company of equally stellar performance and they helped one another. And now let’s stretch that analogy several steps further. CRN is made of 65+ such companies located across our sovereign nation. The amount of networking alone they can accomplish between each other is invaluable. That is to say nothing of the endless contacts each company can provide to a customer. The Commercial Relocation Networks’ one central point of contact is its’ biggest strength.

The ability to leverage the strength of their network is only part of what sets CRN head and shoulders above the everyday moving companies out there. To have a team of “Best In Class” movers in every market to back you is something few are privileged enough to earn. As an invitation only group the membership is very selective. A company must prove time and time again that, not only will it do the job they say they will do, but that they are willing to go above and beyond to meet the customers’ expectations and leave the client more than satisfied.

“When you have the opportunity to be a part of something with that amount of depth, that size, you leap on it. Not only is it an honor, but it is a privilege,” says Scott McNelley, president of Admiral Movers, upon being inducted. High level office relocation takes agile thinking, diligence and many years of experience. This hand-picked nationwide network of the very brightest minds in commercial relocation is what makes CRN the clear choice for all your commercial services.

Network Provides Seamless Continuity

To emphasize these points purposefully, Matt Watson of Apex Facilities Resources a Commercial Relocation Network member In Washington recently connected with a client in a project that took over six months. Below is a link to the case study for the project for Pathway Medical. The move coordinator, Steven Langsdale, is an employee of Mohawk Moving & Storage in Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, followed the move from delivery to installation. Such is the strength in numbers found when you chose to employ the services of the CRN.

Be sure you are working with a member of the “Network”.

Retiring? Use a Records Management Company to Store Patient Records

Retiring? Use a Records Management Company to Store Patient Records

Retirement can be both an exciting and stressful time, especially when you’re a doctor closing down a successful medical practice. One of your many considerations will include the best way to handle patient records. They need to remain secure and accessible so patients and other doctors can easily retrieve them. The most effective way to approach this transition is to work with a records management company that has a medical records storage facility.

As you probably already know, not managing records properly can put you at risk for costly liabilities and lawsuits—something no one needs after retirement. Hiring an experienced records manager as part of your exit strategy helps simplify the process. This lets you rest easier and enjoy your retirement knowing your patients’ records are being handled in complete compliance.

Setting Up Medical Records Storage

As a physician, you have patient records that contain personal information, including Social Security numbers, birthdates, financial information, and medical history. This information must be protected to remain in compliance with state and federal regulations. A records management company can store both your patient and business files in a secure offsite facility where they will be safe from prying eyes.

Remember that certain business records need to be stored for a specific amount of time, while others must be retained indefinitely. For instance, worker’s compensation records must be kept for ten years, vendor invoices and expense reports can be purged after seven years, while financial statements must be kept permanently. A professional records manager will know all of the regulations to advise you on what must be stored and what can be destroyed. In the event of an audit, you want to make sure you have immediate access to these records—even if you have relocated.

montgomery records management company

Creating a digital medical records storage system can be beneficial as well. The best records management company will provide document scanning services in addition to storing records in its secure facility. This enables you to have patient and business files scanned on-demand for easier access long after you retire.

The records manager will also be able to help you create a shredding schedule to purge documents you are no longer required to store. As your records reach a particular age, the company can securely shred and destroy these files—always keeping you in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Hiring the Right Records Management Company

As a retiring doctor, you need to work with a company that has a reliable reputation and one that offers multiple services. Avoid the extra time and hassle it takes to deal with several different vendors by hiring a single provider that can securely move, store, and shred your records.

Admiral Records Management can help plan your practice’s exit strategy and manage records according to your specific needs. With experience spanning more than twenty years, Admiral has the people, processes, and facility you need to keep records safe and accessible during your retirement. You can worry about your golf game or sitting on the beach, and let Admiral handle your practice’s medical records storage.

For more information about Montgomery’s most trusted medical records management company, call 877.816.5430 or visit Admiral Records Management to set up a free consultation.

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